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Kantara is a JANET(UK) Approved ISP Member and an active Member of Nominet.

Kantara provides Approved ISP services for organisations that are not currently connected to the JANET Network; including modular web and email services, domain name requests and renewals in the and domains.

How to register a or domain name
Payments and Charges
Eligibility Guidelines

How to register a or domain name

  • Please contact us for further information. See our contact page for details.


All requests must be submitted by an Approved ISP such as Kantara, unless the domain name request is being submitted by an organisation that is currently connected to the JANET Network.

Please note: All requests for new domain names must contain descriptive information of how the domain name/name owner fit the eligibility criteria. This will greatly speed up the process of obtaining a new domain name for applicants.

If the organisation requesting the new domain name fits the eligibility criteria, then:

  • Kantara will prepare and submit a formal application on behalf of the registering organisation, either by email to JANET(UK) (The Naming Committee is a closed list, whose members will accept/reject the request) or in writing to JANET Customer Service, requesting the new domain name.

  • Kantara will communicate the progress and outcome of the application to the requesting organisation.

Please note that requests submitted by post will take longer to process.

For any name submitted there are two possible outcomes:

ACCEPTED. This will mean that there is no objection to the name from the Naming Committee and a positive acknowledgement will be returned to Kantara.

REJECTED. This will mean that the domain name is not acceptable to the Naming Committee. The reason for this would include one or more of the following:

  • insufficient information supplied;
  • request does not fit into the domain's eligibility criteria;
  • frivolous or time-wasting requests.

Usually there will be no charge for a request that produces a REJECTED outcome. However, JANET(UK) reserves the right to make a charge for frivolous, time-wasting or other requests which impose an undue use of resources to deal with. The requesting organisation indemnifies Kantara against such charges.

The target turnaround time for requests is five working days from JANET(UK)'s receipt of the template. Within approximately five working days a message will be sent to Kantara advising as to whether the domain name has been ACCEPTED or REJECTED by the Naming Committee.

ACCEPTED domain names will be put forward for delegation in the DNS. The delegated Kantara name servers will be correctly configured to take the new name.

In the case of a REJECTED outcome any subsequent domain name requests for the same organisation will be treated as a new request. Therefore a further five working days should be allowed for a response from the Naming Committee. A new application should be completed and submitted, containing any corrected details or extra information, as necessary, in order for the Naming Committee to review.

Each registration lasts for a period of two years from the initial date of the domain name's acceptance by the Naming Committee. From this date Kantara will invoice the requesting organisation for the domain name's maintenance charge.


Kantara will be advised of the reasons where domain name requests are REJECTED by the Naming Committee. Kantara will pass this information back to the requesting organisation.

If it is felt that the rejection is unjustified, and all relevant detailed information for the domain name request has already been submitted with the template application, then an appeal may be lodged. This should be sent by Kantara, on behalf of the requesting organisation, to JANET(UK) for appeals, with full details as to why the domain name request should be permitted.

Please note: The procedure for Appeals is currently under review by the Naming Committee. If you should have any queries prior to updates, please contact Kantara in the first instance.

Payments and Charges


All organisations applying either for a new domain name, or modification, in the or domains must arrange payment through the Membership Account of an Approved ISP such as Kantara, unless they are connected to the JANET Network. Payment for new requests and modifications must be made in full to Kantara before any request can be submitted to JANET(UK).


Non-payment of charges will delay the submission of requests for which no payment has been received. If a requesting organisation fails to pay an invoice within one month Kantara reserves the right to remove any DNS entries for which no payment has been received. The consequence to the requesting organisation is that they will lose their DNS entry and thereby their email and web access through this address.

Charges for New Name Requests:

The charge for the creation of a new domain name is 104 plus VAT. This includes the first two years' maintenance charge, which covers all reasonable changes to delegation of the zone associated with the name. A maintenance charge of 64 plus VAT must then be paid two years from the date that the name was originally accepted by the Naming Committee, and every two years thereafter.

Maintenance/Modification Charges:

The maintenance charge of 64 plus VAT will be applied after two years of registration into the DNS and when a request for modification, to a domain name registered in the DNS prior to 1 April 1999, is received. This charge will become applicable again two years on from the action date of the modification.

The Cabinet Office e-Government Unit (eGU) is responsible for the policy governing the domain, and for its rules and guidelines.

eGU publishes the guidelines used to determine eligibility of organisations for a name in the domain

Registration is limited to UK government departments and agencies, local government bodies (including town and parish councils), and other associated and non-departmental public sector organisations and projects. It is not for use by individuals, or by associations representing public sector staff, or by public sector pension funds.
JANET(UK) has overall responsibility for the domain. This includes the setting of policy and guidelines, as well as the name submission, approval and registration procedures for the domain.

JANET(UK) publishes the guidelines used to determine eligibility of organisations for a name in the domain.

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