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eCommerce refers to online trading and order processing systems that make it quick and simple for customers to buy products or services when they visit your web site.

Kantara uses tried and tested methodologies to integrate your web site with your business processes. An e-commerce initiative can be launched in several ways, presenting the opportunity to start with limited investment and expand as your success and confidence grow.

Product Catalogue

Putting your product catalogue online forms a large part of your selling campaign. Give all the information about your products and services that customers will need in order to make a decision. Pictures are usually essential.

An 'electronic catalogue' offers more than just a 'shop-window' to existing and potential customers.

With an interactive site you can:

  • enable customers to browse through product images, descriptions and specifications.
  • offer after-sales support and progress with goods on order.

Queries and requests can be handled via email.

Shopping Cart Systems

At the next level a 'shopping cart' will allow customers to assemble and place an order by email, or into a database. The purpose is to allow the customer to select items, keeping a running total of the cost and calculate delivery charges and any taxes and amend their order as they move through your site.

Confirming the order and delivery arrangements can be handled by email. The order itself - along with payment - is fulfilled through the established offline procedures.

Online Payment Processing

A transactional web site covers the whole process from selection through ordering and confirmation of delivery arrangements to online payment.

As most buying over the Internet is done by credit card, you will need to enter into a merchant agreement with a bank or credit card company to be able to accept payment in this way.

We will discuss the implications with you before you approach your bank.

A word about order fulilment
You must have mechanisms in place for the delivery of your products or services to the buyer. Most customers will want to know how and when to expect delivery. Customer recognition and order-tracking systems can greatly improve customer servicing and emphasise customer care principles. Disappointed customers rarely return. The point here is that e-commerce is not just a simple bolt-on to your existing systems, but has practical implications for the way your business is organised.

To discuss your requirements, contact an Internet Advisor.

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