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Email Forwarding Service

Email forwarding allows you to receive email using your registered domain for individual staff and separate departments in your organisation.

Your domain email is forwarded to your usual inbox locations without disturbing your existing setup. If you are starting from scratch, or looking for reliable Internet access try our excellent Net Service.

Receive email on your domain name and set your own email addresses for as many users as you require:


Kills Known Viruses!
Incoming email is cleared swiftly and safely using our powerful anti-virus gateway. All email, including attachments, is scanned for viruses and malicious code before reaching your inbox.

Email forwarding can be ordered with your domain when you use our Domain Name Wizard.

Improve your communications today - contact an Internet Advisor.

Email Forwarding Options

Domain Email Forwarding
Mail for the entire domain forwarded to a single location.

Split Feed Forwarding
Email for a single address or group of addresses redirected to a separate location.

Multiple Feed Forwarding
Email for a single address or group of addresses duplicated to multiple locations.

Group Mail
Collaborate on projects via email regardless of location and mobility.

Web Archive
Convert email messages into a browsable collection of web pages.

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