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Web Archive

Web-enabled Email Discussion Groups

This facility is equally well suited to intranet/extranet applications as well as regular Internet scenarios.

Zero Maintenance
A Web Archive can be updated incrementally as new messages are posted. The resulting set of documents is cross-linked and can be indexed in a variety of ways.

Each HTML file that is generated for a message contains (where applicable):

  • the subject of the article,
  • the name and email address of the sender,
  • the date the article was sent,
  • links to the next and previous messages in the archive,
  • a link to the message the article is in reply to, and
  • a link to the message next in the current thread.

Additionally, references contained in each message will be converted to email addresses and URLs to hyperlinks so they can be selected.

Index files provide active links to the individual articles and provide a bird's-eye view of every archived message. Four index files are created which sort the articles by date received, thread, subject, and author. Conversations come to life as you traverse topic threads by following these automatically generated links.

The collection can be made even more accessible by adding a local site search facility to the Web Archive. Pages can be fully customised by applying the style guidelines of the containing web site.

A Web Archive can be open to all, or secured for private access using passwords.

To discuss your requirements, contact an Internet Advisor.

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