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Secure Trading

Security, in the form of authenticated & encrypted communication between your customers' browser and your web site, is achieved by the application of digital certificates.

Kantara is authorised to supply and install digital certificates from either of the two leading Certification Authorities.

Kantara Web Hosting for Business features a secure order facility for your use protected by our own Thawte SupertCert certificate, with the option to install a dedicated certificate.

For more information contact an Internet Advisor.

Certificates to organisations and individuals world-wide

Digital certificates for most security applications

Thawte SSL Certificate Overview

Why use server certificates? What does a web server SSL cert do?

When you connect to a secure web server you ask that server to authenticate itself. This authentication is quite a complex process involving public keys, private keys and a digital certificate. The certificate tells you that an independent third party has agreed that the server belongs to the company it claims to belong to. A valid certificate means that you can have confidence that you are sending information to the right place.

What role does Thawte play?

Thawte Consulting issues such certificates to organisations and individuals world-wide. We are the only CA that has representatives across the globe: in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia and many other countries. Our certificates interoperate smoothly with the latest software from Microsoft and Netscape, so you can rest assured that your purchase of a Thawte Server Certificate will give your customers confidence in your system and security.

Why choose Thawte over other CA's?

The Thawte business process is both efficient and secure. We have streamlined operations to offer you the fastest realistic turnaround time on certificate requests without compromising the integrity of our process. Our local representative program means that in many countries a security expert is a local or national call away, instead of halfway around the planet. In short, we are 100% focused on customer service in the certification marketplace. Thawte services a significant portion of the worldwide market for end user digital certificates.

VeriSign Secure Site Services

Trust is considered the primary key to enabling e-commerce on the Internet, and why Kantara offers its customers VeriSign digital certificates for securing their Web sites and enterprises. VeriSign, the world's leading Trust Authority on the Internet, issues a wide range of digital certificates for most security applications:

  • SSL certificates for web servers - encrypt communications between your Web site and your customers' browsers and provide proof of identity
  • Personal Digital IDs for individuals - for secure access control and to encrypt email
  • IPSec certificates for network devices - secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Technical training for everything you need to know for safe e-commerce

Give your customers confidence with VeriSign Server IDs

VeriSign SSL Server IDs encrypt communications between your Web site and your customers' browsers, which virtually eliminates the threat of outsiders capturing your customers' sensitive information. Also, Server IDs provide proof of your identity to visitors - authenticated by VeriSign - which prevents a third party from spoofing your Web site. When your customers feel secure in passing sensitive information, like their credit card information, to your Web site, they will return again and again to purchase goods and services from your site. Kantara understands the importance of providing its customers with trust solutions, as part of its comprehensive e-commerce packages.

Why VeriSign is the leading Certificate Authority in the world

  • Experience: VeriSign has secured over 120,000 Internet web sites since 1995, including 98 of the Fortune 100, 400 of the Fortune 500, and all of the top 25 e-commerce sites.
  • Recognition: VeriSign is the #1 sign of trust on the Internet (Studio Archetype/Cheskin Research 1/99)
  • Partnerships: VeriSign has been selected as Netscape's premier Certificate Authority and sponsors the Security Channel on Netcenter.
  • Differentiation: Every VeriSign Web site customer receives the VeriSign Secure Site Logo next to its listing in Network Solutions' dot com Directory, which is the most comprehensive Internet site index available.
  • Standards: VeriSign is the only Certificate Authority in the world that is audited annually by KPMG for adherence to its stringent security standards, and that is also audited and approved by VISA.
  • Peace of Mind: VeriSign offers $100,000 in Netsure warranty protection with each Server ID guarding against fraud and misuse of the certificate.
  • Interoperability: Every VeriSign customer is part of the VeriSign Trust Network (VTN), a globally interoperable digital certificate infrastructure supported by a trusted network of Certification Authorities throughout the world, including AT&T, British Telecommunications, France Telecom/CertPlus, and 13 other worldwide VeriSign affiliates.
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