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Create your ideal Internet Solution using modular services

Domain Name Registration

Product description
Find and register a domain name online.

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Email Forwarding Service

Product description
Virus protect your inbox! Satisfy a range of needs from a single user account to mail forwarding for the whole organisation.

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Web Service

Product description
Our professional web service allows you to have your site hosted on reliable, fast servers.

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Redirect Service

Redirect domain name services to your own web servers or mail exchange using IP address records or URL translation.
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Net Service

Product description

  • Mail Relay

  • Outbound Virus Protection

  • POP3, IMAP, Web Mail

  • Internet Access

    Office Network, Router Connection, Small Business Server
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Secure Service

Product description
Secure Server Certificates encrypt communications between your Web site and your customers' browsers and provide proof of identity.

Support for Web Development

Product description
Professional advice for effective eCommerce whether you are working in-house or for your own clients or reselling.

Comprehensive web development support including search engine optimisation, submission, monitoring and analysis.

  • Database development and systems integration

  • Contract support and maintenance

  • ICT Audit

  • Consultancy and 1 to 1 training

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