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If you have any questions, or for expert advice on web site promotion, contact a Kantara Internet advisor who can also help you identify and establish high-value reciprocal links, advertising placements and essential marketing opportunities.

Traditional Marketing

You should not miss any opportunity to call attention to your web site. Techniques include:

  • Incorporate your web address into your business stationery: business cards, letterheads, labels as well as brochures and advertising materials.
  • Make sure your staff are familiar with the web address and what it has to offer.
  • Look for opportunities in your trade, local or national press, radio and television.
  • Events and sales promotion

Online Promotion

Many potential customers will find your address through a search engine. These are systems that trawl the web looking for words or phrases your potential visitor keys in. To ensure your site is identified, you need to 'optimise' it by embedding appropriate keywords in your pages.

Optimising your pages
To make it into the top 10 or 20 search engine placements you need to prepare your pages very well indeed. It is not enough to simply launch your site and then bulk register your web address.

It is essential that the content and structure of your web site is carefully and deliberately planned with search engine optimisation as a priority. You need to be thinking about this from the early stages of the development process.

Selecting and coordinating the text of of your site is the difference between success and obscurity. The resulting pages must be uniquely tailored to your specific material and objectives. Get this part right and you will find that you can increase the flow of visitors to your pages.

Once the site is launched it would be a mistake to treat search engine optimisation as a fit and forget operation. With the right tools in place to monitor web usage on an ongoing basis you can gather a pile of data telling you exactly which keywords and key phrases are being used to locate your pages.

At regular intervals this information can be fed back to improve your ratings. The rewards in terms of search engine optimisation will be directly proportional to the effort expended in analysing and updating the balance of text on your site.

Registering with Search Engines
Ensure that your site is registered with the top search engines. Find out how you can register your site yourself.

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