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How to register a web site with search engines

Simply click on a link below to go straight to the registration page.

Then follow the instructions. In some cases you will be asked for a brief description of your web site. This gives you an opportunity to give a short, factual description (15 to 20 words) of the purpose of your web site.

Be sure to read the guidelines for each search engine and register in accordance with their rules. This is important. It's worth making the effort or your site could end up being excluded and you risk losing customer referrals.

Some of the more popular general purpose search engines are listed here. Set aside about an hour to register with these. Then you can broaden your horizons to seek out specialist indexes which may be appropriate for your particular line of business.

There are dozens of search engines and indexes on the Internet that could bring traffic to your site. Those listed here are among the most commonly used and are therefore a good place to start.

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