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How much web space do I need?

When it comes to web pages: small is beautiful, and fast. In general you can expect 20MB to be more than sufficient if your web designer is doing it right. Only those files which are absolutely necessary for your web site should be kept on the server.

Useful facts:

  • The average visit to a web site spans no more than 5-6 pages
  • At 25k for an average page, 20MB is enough to store 800 pages
  • It would take over 2 hours to download a 20MB web site

You can store around 800 web pages in 20MB, including graphics. If you use this all up remember, a massive 20MB web site would take over two hours to download - let alone read and inwardly digest. The average visitor to your web site will probably look at no more than 5 or 6 pages in one session.

You can have more space if you need it. Just ask. If you have a large database or quantity of archived material to make available then please ask us to increase your quota.

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